2017 Eular Congress News

Dear Colleagues:

The start of the next EULAR Annual European Congress of Rheumatology is fast approaching and is set to take place 14-17 June 2017 in Madrid. I invite you to read about the wide range of sessions, activities, and events available to you at this year’s congress in the EULAR Congress News Preview Edition.

At this year’s 18th annual congress, we celebrate the 70th anniversary of EULAR and its second visit to Madrid, where the 2017 congress will again provide a unique event for the exchange of scientific and clinical information. This year we are expecting around 14,000 patients, medical doctors, scientists, health professionals, and professionals representing the pharmaceutical industry from more than 100 countries in Europe and around the world.

The EULAR Congress 2017 in Madrid will offer a wide range of topics, including clinical innovations, clinical translational research, and basic science. In addition, there will be meetings organised by People with Arthritis and Rheumatism in Europe (PARE), by Health Professionals in Rheumatology (HPR), and by the healthcare industry. We will also see the first results of our new initiatives regarding the EULAR School of Rheumatology, the EULAR Campaign “Don’t delay, connect today!”, and the EULAR Research Roadmap “RheumaMap.”

EULAR congresses have received tremendous interest in terms of participation and quality of contributions, and this year is no different. We have received more than 4,850 abstract submissions, which is by far the highest ever at a EULAR congress. A total of 347 were accepted as oral presentations this year, and the congress features 180 sessions and poster tours with 355 speakers. Out of the 2,336 poster displays spread over 3 days, 461 posters will be explained in 45 themed poster tours. These numbers reflect the availability of increased information on the impact, burden, and cost of these diseases for society and a significantly improved ability to diagnose and treat them.

We will take great pleasure in welcoming medical doctors, patients, health professionals, and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry to EULAR 2017 and hope that their stay in Madrid will be informative, educational, and, last but not least, enjoyable.

Prof. Gerd R. Burmester

President of EULAR

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