EULAR Congress 2014

The 15th Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR) 2014 is taking place on 11-14 June 2014 in Paris. EULAR started organising annual congresses in 2000 in Nice, France. They have now become major events in the calendar of world rheumatology, and the number of participants has increased from about 6,400 in Nice to 16,000 in London 2011. The Congress 2014 in Paris is again providing a unique occasion for the exchange of most recent scientific and clinical information. It will also facilitate interactions between scientists, medical doctors, health professionals, patients, and professionals representing the pharmaceutical industry both within Europe and from around the world, considering participation from around 120 countries.

Substantial growth can also be claimed for both the quality and number of submitted abstracts, which has reached the record number of over 4,000. On one hand, this reflects the increased interest in arthritis and the related musculoskeletal diseases that we can observe in our member countries but also from large participation in the EULAR Congress outside of Europe, such as from Japan and the United States. It is also the expression of an increased availability of information on the size and burden of these diseases and a significantly improved ability to diagnose and treat them. The incorporation of health professional, patient organisations, and young rheumatologists in EULAR has been a considerable stimulus for these advances. Today, EULAR is the largest world umbrella organisation for rheumatology, covering almost 100 scientific societies and patient and health professional associations. Nearly every year we welcome new member associations.

The EULAR Congress 2014 in Paris has a wide range of updated topics, including clinical, translational, and basic science, together with optimised processes for the diagnosis and general management of rheumatic patients. In addition, there are the always well-attended sessions and events organised by our patient organisation PARE, by our Health Professional branch and by other health care providers. The central activities of the Congress are the Poster Sessions and the active poster tours with their highly interactive exchange between poster presenters and participants. The Paris meeting is further strengthening the reputation of the EULAR Congress as a highly innovative and informative event for all interested in the cause of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases.

For details about the EULAR Congress, please visit

Prof. Maurizio Cutolo
President of EULAR
Professor of Rheumatology and Internal Medicine
Director of Research Laboratory and
Academic Division of Clinical Rheumatology
Department of Internal Medicine,
University of Genova, Italy

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